With so much content being put out now a days it’s hard as hell trying to satisfy not only your needs, but others as well. Being in charge of the AUX is a painful death nowadays, as we watch you slowly loose the vibes in the car the deeper you go into the playlist. Boston DJ’s, DJ Fre$co (Michael Christmas official DJ) and NOMZ have been making waves across the area at all the events and it’s catching everyone’s attention. When cleaning, pre gaming, or whatever SuperSmashBroz have solved your music problems. They continue there saga with “Get Your Vibes Right Vol 3”, a little bit over an hour and 23 minutes Fre$co and NOMZ provide wavy vibes from artists like Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Michael Christmas, Cousin Stizz and a lot more. Listen to there new mix up top, and listen to there previous GYVR here.


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