The SuperSmashBroz have had not only Boston, but the state of Massachusetts on lock these past couple years. With their high energy, and skill of discovering great music before most of us, the SmashBroz have been able to travel nationally and perform at festivals, and events. Blood Brothers, Muyi, and NOMZ, took a break from their Series of mixes, and decided to release a project titled Family Cookout, which highlights some of the best rappers, singers and producers out the state. For verses, SSB grabbed Reem Skully, Dutchy Dobad, Michael Christmas, Nyce Franklyn, Izo, Big Leano, Vintage Lee, Rosewood Bape, Millyz, Alejandro Blanco, Jefe Replay, plad finesse, Lil Rich, OG Swaggerdick, Gio Dee, Polo summers, Wizz dakota, Gin Mason, and Maye Star. On the productions side, the SmashBroz tapped Lil Rich, Tee-waTT, Czure Beats, LDG, T Fresh, Dreaveli, Ducko Mcfli, Wizz Dakota, and Sevnth. You can stream there star-studded mixtape below.

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