Brockton artist Steven Fugara has been making noise in his city, and we at Onevan have taken great notice. Premiering his new record, Steven shows love, and gives thanks to his fellow friends, only to transition to a more vulnerable and personal state in the 2nd half of the record. 

Steven on Plastic Hearts:  “The point of Plastic Heart is to emphasize that love trumps all. Love is the solution to all problems. It’s called Plastic Heart because, like plastic, I bend before I break. The goal with plastic heart is to assure that love is spread around the Brockton/Boston area, and not hate. he 2nd half of the song is what I’d describe as ‘the armor being stripped off the song’. It’s more personal, it’s more of a lyrical side. It’s deeper in a sense that I’m describing the pain I exhibit in my writing. The overall outlook on plastic heart is ‘Love and Pain'”.



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