Korean R&B artist DEAN’s appetite to take over the music scene is gargantuan. His international hustle has caught the eye of many names in both the American and Korean music industry: Anderson .Paak, Zion T, CRUSH, DOK2. People know him as the Korean Bryson Tiller. He’s done his homework, studied music from around the world, and has stepped into the industry with an immense talent. He’s got everyone watching.  His smooth vocals mixed with strong beats push artists and listeners alike to step into the future of R&B.

His first EP, 130 Mood : TRBL, drips with undeniable potential for greatness. Pour Up and D (Half Moon) are the standouts of the EP, but the rest provide only the best of listening vibes.

His remix of Trey Songz’ Foreign rivals with the original and showcases his vocal strengths.

We’re all eagerly awaiting DEAN’s next move. You got it.

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