Everyday our email gets flooded with music from Massachusetts and even though a vast majority of the music doesn’t interest me, we do find some great music time to time. 2016 was a great year for Mass, especially Boston, and in between the big projects and singles we found some great artists along the way.

So much talent in this state, that it’s much bigger then a just a few rappers. I wanted to take the time out and acknowledge a couple artists on my radar that i think you guys would enjoy. If i had to bank on 5 artists i think are slept on heavily, and will have a great 2017 regardless, it’ll be these artists specifically. This list is NOT in order


5. Brandon James

When Dorchester native Brandon James raps you sense a cocky but confident demeanor in him, its quite understandable due to fact that he’s been making great music. With tons of dope records in the vault ready to be released at any moment, its for that reason why i have Brandon on my radar for 2017. With a great supporting cast around him in the Feel Good Family, i expect Brandon James upcoming project “How It Go” to prove he’s not just another rapper from Dorchester.

Suggested Songs:


4. Garrett

Garrett is an artist i’m personally all in with when it comes to his music. It’s Garrett’s unique laid back flow and sound that first drew me in when i first heard “Cereal.” Garrett is not the one to brag, or detail his every move, so i feel like it’s fair if i do it for him. When he’s not stage diving or bringing in a crowd that most rappers cant do, he’s working on his upcoming project, while taking meetings with labels. I was given the opportunity to listen to Garrett new project, and it’s safe to say that his project will close the book on any doubt you may have had towards him.

Suggested Songs:


3. Gin Mason

Don’t know too much about Gin Mason, other then she’s a beautiful woman who can really sing, and My fault still gets played on the daily. What also needs to be acknowledged when discussing Gin Mason is her song writing, and the way she incorporates her own personal life into her records. Only releasing two tracks in 2016, 2017 should be a very promising year for Gin, as she’s been able to soak in everything, and detail the highs and lows of this past year in her new music moving forward.

Suggested Songs: 



2. Mayklens

These past years Gio Dee has been putting in serious work building his name on a national level with records like Mind Yo Business, and 777. The Chef boy camp also has another rapper who can easily deliver a dope catchy record without dumbing down his content, and thats Mayklens Don. Mayklens is so cool, and finesses with his flows and cadences, that it almost forces you to sing a long no matter the genre of the song. Mayklens got me anticipating him to have a great 2017. Listen to these two songs below and be on the lookout for “Say Grace”

Suggested Songs:


1. Prince Smooth

Like Mayklens, Prince Smooth is part of a collective that consists of great artists as well. The Strip Life camp has been making a heavy name for themselves these past years with there music and consistent fans. Strip Life consists of Cash Gotti, Dutchy DoBad, and Prince Smooth. With his smooth and savvy voice, that instantly gravitates you to his music, Prince Smooth is able to infused street, and raunchy records that cater to both fans. With tons of great unreleased music in the chamber, it’s Prince Smooth versatility that will show his longevity, and why 2017 is his for the taken.

Suggested Songs:

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