Having met each other in Austin, TX, March of 2015 at SXSW, both Sechion and Chuck Kennedy have been able to form a friendship and keep in touch.

Before we end the year, Lowell’s own Sechion releases his collab tape with Connecticut based producer Chuck Kennedy. With Sechion with the raps, and Chuck on the production, the two release a pretty dope 6 track EP that’s sure to hold us over for awhile. You can steam the 6 track project below

Sechion on linking up with Chuck Kennedy: “From jump I respected the way Chuck moved, I had no idea he even produced till the end of the trip. Being at an unknown place, far from home, you tend to gravitate towards people you can relate too , with Chuck it was easy. The idea of working together was natural and a long time coming.


Sechion -“Good Over Here” (official video