Hassan Barclay releases a video from his debut album ‘Heaven Is Your Last Dream’. This is an ambient, psychedelic r&b track to kick back and chill to. Haasan’s first video ‘Creatures Like Us’ placed us in his alternate universe, ‘Get You, Right is a kaleidoscopic work of art, encompassing the pain and yearning for lost love. Directed by Liv Slaughter and Haasan Barclay, the video is a project of honesty and gracious visual stimulation.

Haasan Barclay :
Haasan Barclay came to prominence in the Boston music scene in 2014, producing for the likes of Michael Christmas, OG Swaggerdick and Original Kadeem. His knack for catchy catchy hooks and strong melodies paired with genre-bending, cinematic production puts him in a league of his own.

Haasan Barclay Is someone ONEVAN and everyone else will be looking out for.

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